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Strategic communications campaigns that deliver results
Strategic communications campaigns that deliver tangible results.
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Media Strategies stands out from the rest.

We help companies and event producers carve out strong, early market leadership positions. We work best as part of your team—on a project-by-project basis, or a long-term engagement. 

Extensive experience

With a wealth of experience in high-impact industry sectors—digital health, consumer electronics, technology and trade shows—we work with companies to tell their stories, reach key audiences, and build brands. 

Comprehensive campaigns

We build successful multi-channel strategies—for traditional publications, social media platforms, and self-publishing.

What’s different
about us?


Our senior, experienced teams. Our proactive approach. Our natural curiosity and genuine interest.

We dig deep within your business to uncover the unique points of differentiation.

We create campaigns that are innovative. And newsworthy.

We deliver program that build visibility. Generate press coverage. And build long-term relationships.

Ask our clients.

“I have been working with Media Strategies for the past 10 years and they are an experienced group of professionals committed to delivering superior service—and extraordinary results.”

Christine Williams, director of marketing, Autonet Mobile, InSite, Palringo

Public relations is a process—
not an event.


Our guiding philosophy:

• A product or service that solves an existing problem

• Clear messaging

• Strong relationships

You provide the first; we provide the second; and together, we build the third to tell your story.



Cheryl has a proven track record for category creation. Programs she has driven have set benchmarks in the consumer, digital health, automotive, mobile and event sectors. More important, she has forged strong and lasting media relationships, which she leverages for Media Strategies’ clients.  

Cheryl currently serves a member of the MassChallenge and CTA Mentor Programs and co-chairs the Boston chapter of mBolden. 


Media Strategies has well-developed working relationships with Movidea Design, one of Boston’s top graphic design firms, as well as an experienced network of copywriters, public relations specialists, online marketers, photographers and international public relations agencies.


On a moment’s notice we can assemble an agile and cost effective team to support your current business goals. 

Contact us.

To discuss how we can create impact for your company, please contact Cheryl Delgreco 

at 617-723-4004.

65 Commercial Wharf

Boston, MA 02110

T: 617.723.4004


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