Not on Twitter? What are you waiting for?

Posted on 06/07/13

More often than you’d think, we still come across a company that says to us, “Twitter?  We’re not a consumer company.  We don’t have the time to waste on it.” Amazingly, there are a whole lot of B2B companies still thinking this way – despite surveys like this one that show Twitter is tops for [...]


Thought Leadership for Competitive Carriers

Posted on 05/28/13

            MSIPR partner Liora Bram recently wrote an article that’s featured in the current issue of the CCA Voice — the magazine of the Competitive Carriers Association. For regional and local mobile carriers – of which there are more than 100 in the U.S. – communications campaigns are largely focused [...]


Our Memorial Day Story

Posted on 05/26/13

We’ve recently started working with Troop ID – a technology company that allows retailers and brands to verify online shoppers’ military credentials, so they can offer military discounts online.  Until recently, it has been almost impossible to offer service members and their families discounts and other benefits for online shopping because there was no engine [...]


The Coolest Thing at CTIA…

Posted on 05/23/13

… was, without a doubt, Mary Dillon, CEO of the U.S.’s fifth largest carrier, U.S. Cellular. Why is Mary Dillon cool? Well, first, the obvious – she’s a female CEO. And a smart, aggressive one.


A Hard Call

Posted on 04/09/13

We disappointed a potential client today.  He wanted to hire us.  We really like him and his products.  He’s going somewhere – and he will one day have an amazing story that will be really fun to pitch.  We really want his business.  And that’s why we had to say no.  He’s not ready.   [...]